Roma Box

The original creation of this artistic version of our gift box presents.

Collaboration with Maison Création Vernet for this particular design called ROMA.

This is the artistic version of a gift box where the chocolates are stored like collectibles. Discover the aroma journey in Roma, where you will visit all the chocolate monuments.

Find all our specialties in dark chocolate, praline, marzipan, ganache in different formats. Liqueurs are also available from 210g.

A prestigious and gourmet box, ideal for a high-end gift.

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Modes de livraison disponibles

  • Livraison standard - monde
  • Livraison standard - France
  • Retrait en boutique à Lyon
  • Retrait en boutique à Paris
Best before
3 weeks
Number of pieces
- 220g : about 18 pieces- 550g : about 50 pieces- 700g : about 65 pieces- 900g : about 85 pieces- 1,15kg : about 110 pieces- 1,45kg : about 140 pieces- 1,75kg : about 170 pieces- 2,20kg : about 215 pieces- 3,30kg : about 325 pieces