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The following conditions are enforced in all the sellings made by the BERNACHON company. Concerning the purchaser, each orders imply the acceptance of the following conditions. None of these terms can be contested without a specific acceptance (written or oral) from the company.
For any reasons, if one of the following general condition were to be nullified, the incriminated term would be considered as unwritten. The convention would be entirely maintained for each other effects put in place.


None of the order is accepted by phone call. Only orders made by letters, fax, or email will be taken into account. Whatever the delivery date, the order will be honored by the company after the reception of:
1. Calling cards that go with the package.
2. Recipient lists that imperatively include recipient’s precise adress(es) and phone number(s).
We’re declining any responsibilities in case mistakes concerning the recipient’s addresses were to be made (shipment fees will thus be overcharged)


Expect a minimum of 5 days from the reception of the order.

Christmas : Orders that are made before the 10th of December is guaranteed* to be delivered before Christmas eve.

New Year : Orders that are made before the 10th of December is guaranteed* to be delivered before New Year’s eve.

*The guarantee is only available for the shipments located in France, except if any perturbation of the postal conveyance were to be noted. Concerning deliveries overseas or in the French overseas departments and territories, fixed date can’t be guaranteed as the delivery time is longer to proceed.


To preserve the quality of our products, the consumption date is indicated on the package. If one of the product were to be out of stock, The Bernachon’s company reserves the right to modify the assortment in order to prevent a delayed delivery. Anomalies that are notified by the customer or the recipient will be examined caseby- case by us. Upon receipt of the goods, any exchange nor recaption can’t be made. Bernachon guaranties the quality and the freshness of its products at the condition to preserve them in an ambient temperature place (between 15° and 18°), and to put away from smells, warmth, and humidity.


All taxes are included in the price of each product.
Delivery or shipment fees are charged in addition to the price.


BtoC : the payment has to be made fully to complete the order
BtoB : the payment is due to 50% of the order. The rest of the order has to be paid after the reception of the bill.
Our company reserves the property of the delivered goods until the full payment is completed. No discount is accorded for any payment
made in advance. An amount, including the deposit, that is unpaid at the eligibility date will rightly engage late fees equal to three times the legal rate of interest of the current year plus a fixed price of 40€ as a recovery fee.