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The Confidentiality Charter is for users to be notified of the manner in which Bernachon Ltd uses, transfers, and protects any form of data or information that is accessible or registered on the website or the URL link

The Confidentiality Charter can be amended or changed at any time by Bernachon, and in particular to update any legislation, applicable regulations, jurisprudence, and Information Technology maintenance. Any update will be notified on the Confidentiality Charter with the dates of applicable online changes. Users are requested to check the Confidentiality Charter regularly for any updates and the use of cookies in order to be informed of applicable Terms of Use.


A user can always access the website without having to provide any personal data. In any case, you do not have to provide any personal data on the website. However, if when requested, you refuse to provide any personal data or information, you could have restricted access to certain products that you wish to view. In some cases, the website will ask you to provide Personal Data such as your surname, given name(s), home address and/or postcode, email address, and telephone number. When providing the aforementioned personal data on the website, you will be asked to read and accept the Terms of Use and Article 2 above for before registering your personal data each type you complete a form for services or products.

Under the ²GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulations) approved and adopted by the European Parliament on the 14th of April 2016 and the French Data Protection Act dated 6th of January 1978, amended, Bernachon Ltd wishes to remind you of the following points:

            1. Identity of the Manager for processing Personal Data

The Manager for processing the Personal Data is Bernachon Ltd, with their Head Offices at n°42 Cours Franklin Roosevelt, 69006, Lyon, France, Telephone n° + 33 (0)4 78 24 37 98, email address:

            2. Purposes for processing Personal Data

Bernachon Ltd can be required to process your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • In order to provide you with information on our services and products that you wish to view, order, or purchase, and in particular for sending our regular newsletter, special offers, or other information on our products,
  • In order to collect information to help us improve our website, services, or products, in particular through the use of cookies,
  • In order for us to be able to contact you if and when we launch new products.

            3. Information recipients

Only Bernachon Ltd will be the recipient of your Personal Data, whether received individually or grouped, and will never be forwarded to third-party except for any Bernachon Ltd approved partners required for handling required products. Further information is available in point 7 hereunder. Nor Bernachon Ltd or any of their approved partners will transfer or commercialise any Personal Data of any user of the website.

            4. Length of conservation of Personal Data

Any Personal Data will be conserved by Bernachon Ltd for the length of time required that corresponds to the requirements under point 2 above, and in any case will not exceed 36 months.

            5. Rights to access, change, or remove Personal Data

All users have the right to access, consult, amend, or remove any of their Personal Data. In order to apply their rights, users must contact us at the address in point 1. above. However, for security and confidentiality reasons for processing Personal Data by Bernachon Ltd, any request by a user must be made with a proof of identity, namely a scan of your official identity document if requested by our website contact service, and/or a signed photocopy of the identity document if sent by post.

In order to help users with any formalities, in particular if a user wishes to apply their rights to access, consult, amend, or remove any of their Personal Data, by post to the address in point 1 above, there is an Official Form approved by the ³CNIL (³Centre National de l'Informatique et des Libertés), the ³French Data Protection Agency by clicking on the following link:

            6. Response time for a request

Bernachon Ltd is committed to respond to users' requests to access, consult, amend, or remove any of their Personal Data, within the shortest timescale, and in any case within 1 month from receiving the request.

            7. Service providers and transfer of Personal Data to a European Union member state

Bernachon Ltd hereby informs users that they have subcontracted services providers for processing users' Personal Data. Some of the service providers can be located out of the European Union and will treat and process information and Personal Data from the Bernachon Ltd website.

Bernachon Ltd has received adequate and secure guarantees that the service providers will respect the confidentiality charter for Personal Data, and in particular, legal guarantees concerning the transfer of Personal Data to a non European Union state. One of our service providers has agreed a 'binding Corporate Rules contract which was approved by the ³CNIL in 2016, and the other service providers have agreed corporate contracts on the matter and a Privacy Shield contract which is a Personal Data contract approved between the European union and the United States of America.

            8. Competent authorities for complaints

If a user considers that Bernachon Ltd has not respected their obligations regarding the Personal Data Charter, users can formulate a complaint before the competent authorities. In France, the ³CNIL is the competent authority in the matter, and users can contact them on the following link:



Upon connecting to the website, a window will appear notifying users of the use of cookies and the fact that the website navigation is subject to using 'cookies' or 'connection recordings'. Bernachon Ltd has a policy for the use of cookies which is clearly explained, and users are asked to accept or not accept the navigation with cookies. The policy explains why cookies are used (part 1), and how to accept or not accept the use of cookies (part 2).

            1. General information for the use of cookies on the website

Bernachon Ltd is the owner of the website, and as such, can introduce a cookie on your Information Technology hard drive (computer, smartphone, tab etc...) to enable the best conditions for navigation on the website.

Cookies are small and limited text files that recognise your Information Technology terminal to customise the services that Bernachon Ltd offers.

The collected information through cookies does not enable the personal identification of a user, and are only used to improve the interactivity and performance of the website, to provide users with the services and products that are most searched and that correspond to users' needs. None of the information will be forwarded to a third-party without users' prior written agreement from Bernachon Ltd unless the transfer of the said information is required by applicable Laws, a Court Order, or any legally approved government agency.

In order for users to be fully informed of the information that cookies collect, hereunder are different types of cookies that are used on the website, their name, purpose, and length of conservation of the information.

            2. Configuration of your preferences for using cookies

When users connect to the website for the first time, a window displays the information regarding the use of cookies, and to continue navigation on the website you will need to click on the accept or not accept the navigation with cookies. By clicking on the 'accept box' for using cookies, users agree to accept the Terms of Use for website navigation. For some products, users need to accept navigation with cookies.

            a. Cookies that are exempt from website navigation consent

Following the ³CNIL recommendations, certain cookies are exempt from website navigation consent, and the cookies in questions are required for normal operations of websites or required for electronic communications, in particular, for identifying website connections, authentication, navigation times and duration, and cookies to customise interface connections. The said cookies are also subject to regulations and the Terms of Use as they are approved by Bernachon Ltd.

            b. Cookies that require users' prior consent

The consent for the use of cookies concerns third-party cookies that are qualified as 'persistent' as they will remain in your Information Technology hard drive until the expiry date or removal, in any case not exceeding 6 months.

As the said cookies are from third-parties, the use of the cookies is subject to confidentiality regulations for which there are links detailed below.

The cookies regroup several types of cookies for data research and processing such as Google Analytics, advertising cookies, and social network cookies.

The data research and processing cookies collect statistics of website navigations, visited pages, duration, and other similar statistics.

The statistics help in the structure of websites to facilitate navigation, and there is also a cookie for Internet connections which is anonymous. The anonymous cookie is managed by Google Analytics, and the Terms & Conditions are available in English only on

The cookies that are shared on social networks and managed by the owner of the social network in question. Pending your consent, the said cookies enable sharing the contents or your information on social networks, in particular by clicking on the 'share information' link on the corresponding website.

Several types of cookies for social networks are used on the website, namely:

Facebook, with their Terms & Conditions of use are available on,

Twitter, with their Terms & Conditions of use are available on,

Youtube, with their Terms & Conditions of use available with through Google Chrome on,

and further information for the Terms & Conditions for cookies on

            c. There are several tools for administering the use of cookies

Most website navigation systems are configured by default to authorise the use of cookies. Your website navigator gives you the possibility of setting your own parameters for navigation either by rejecting all cookies automatically or by selecting your choice on websites.

NOTICE: Users are reminded that blocking cookies when navigating on the website can limit access to certain products. In the event, Bernachon Ltd cannot be liable for the settings for cookies chosen by users of the website, and no damages or compensation can be charged to Bernachon Ltd.

Your navigator enables removing cookies from your Information Technology terminal, will notify you of the consequences of removing cookies, and will notify you if new cookies are required for navigation on your Information technology terminal.

            d. Setting parameters on your Information Technology terminal

All Internet website navigators provide options for setting the cookies parameters. Click on the following links for internet navigator sites for further information on setting cookies parameters.

Finally, for full information on cookies and their effect on your Information Technology terminal, go to